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      Open Mondays through Fridays  9 AM to 6PM and one Saturday a month
                                            TREATMENT ROOM
Private dressing room, private bath, disposable kits, filtered water, robes
        DETOXIFY AND   
          BODY NOW!!!

        + COLONICS

        Constipation - general detox - pre colonoscopy
     lethergy - skin conditions - sugar cravings - bloating - gas

            + IONIC THERAPY 
               For full body detoxification
            + HYPNOTHERAPY FOR
                            WEIGHT LOSS
                                 SUGAR ADDICTION
                                   SHOPPING ADDICTION
                                      SUBSTANCE ABUSE

    Luxeriate in a private room with calming music as we wrap you in elastic bandages, soaked in special herbal solutions, then dressed in a speically designed suit, you lay listening,  you lose  6-12 inches, detoxify  your body, tightenig your skin and cleaning your pores,  while every muscle in your body unwinds. You are the Queen or King and we are you humble therapists.

COLON IRRIGATION/ COLONICS use the most modern equipment to cleanse and detoxify constipation, blockages, impactions, toxic bowel, parasites and other conditons of the colon and bowels. This is done in a very hygenic  professional office. All  materials are disposable.  There is  no pain  or discomfort.  You simply lie down on a treatment table, in a gown, a small 3" plastic applicator is well lubricated and then inserted carefully. You again lay down on your back facing the machine. There are two tubes connectected to the applicator. One tube is a fill tube, which fills your colon ( approx. 5-7 feet long) with warm filtrated water. When you tell the Doctor you are feeling full, a valve is turned and the water exits a larger tube along with the old waste material that has built up in you for years. This fill and empty is done 3 times in a single session.
When your done, you are sent to the  bathroom just in case, and your finished.
You will feel refreshed, relaxed, and may loose 3-10 pounds.
Some patients require more then one treatment, but we can only determine that after we see you.
Some of the indications for taking a colonic are: Just a good Detox and Cleanse, we suggest two times a year. Bloating, Gas, Constipation, treatment with pain killers such as Vicodin which tends to constipate, acne, lethargy, severe sugar cravings ( usually from Candida)  and other  lower gastro intestinal conditions. It is not reccomended if you have Chrones Disease, Diverticulitis, Acute Gastritis, or other severe infections of the bowels.

IONIC CLEANSING uses the Zion Healing energy and ion generator, which detoxifies you by passing  low voltage through your body while your feet sit in  a warm foot bath. It removes toxic negative ions such as uric and lactic acid, heavy metals, safely, and comfortably. Watch the toxins seep from your feet, giving you energy, improving circulation, decreasing joint pain, increasing muscle flexibility, improving skin tone and increasing your mental clarity.

So What are you waiting for???

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        Citrus  Heights and Roseville

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